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Many pets become anxious or agitated if they're cooped up in small quarters with other animals. With the help of Bob Zander Grooming Trailers' mobile pet salon, you'll be able to give each animal focused attention in a private area. Contact us today to order yours.
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There's a lot to consider when purchasing a trailer for your grooming business. We'll take all of the time that you need to help you, making your purchase a pleasant experience. Bob Zander Grooming Trailers offers a variety of prices and options. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
Q: What kind of air conditioners do you use and why?
A: We use only name-brand, RV roof-mounted air conditioning and heating systems. These units are designed for mobile and RV use. A roof-mounted AC is more centrally located, and it has a powerful fan and vents on both ends to distribute air quickly with the capacity to cool down your trailer much faster.
Q: What about shore power? How does that work?
A: We actually recommend using shore power whenever possible. This is the most economical way to power your trailer, and it only takes a few seconds to switch from generator to shore power. You do need to be careful when plugging into your customer's electric outlet, but the savings could be worth the effort. If you plan to operate on shore power, a hybrid trailer may be your best choice. We combine the convenience of a small, very fuel-efficient generator with a shore hook-up. Just imagine how much you could save.
Q: What about the floor? Is it durable?
A: Yes! Our standard floor covering is a commercial-grade, slip-resistant rubber material. We call it "bulletproof." If you accidentally drop your scissors or clippers, you could seriously damage an inferior floor covering. Our rubber floor will take the abuse of constant in-and-out traffic and will clean up and look brand new for years to come. We can also supply vinyl or custom floor coverings if you prefer.
Q: Do I need to worry about propane?
A: No, our trailers are all electric. Propane tanks are heavy, and it's difficult to carry a spare tank. You'll always run out at the worst possible time. Gas stations are on almost every corner and propane – not so much. We do however offer a flameless catalytic propane heater for cold climates. This unit is designed for RVs.
Q: How do I protect my water lines and pump from freezing?
A: Our trailers are insulated, but an insulated trailer body won't keep your plumbing from freezing. For cold climates, we can install "water line freeze protection." This easy-to-use heater protects the water lines, pump, and faucet supply lines from freezing, and it does it automatically.

The system operates on a 115 volt electric line. Just plug in your trailer at night. When the temperature reaches about 38 degrees — presto — the heater comes on and keeps everything protected. There's no need to drain the water. Additional heat is recommended in the shop area.
Q: Your trailers are very attractive. What exterior and interior features are included?
A: Our trailers are designed and custom built for only one purpose--mobile dog grooming. These are not the same trailers you see in the parking lot of your local building supply store. We use 0.030 aluminum--not the thinner 0.024 grade aluminum. The entry door is 32" wide and has a tinted screened window.

We also include an RV lock with a dead bolt and a handle lock. The single rear door swings open wide for easy access to every mechanical part of the grooming conversion. We add round fenders for a clean, crisp look. All of this adds up to one great-looking trailer. Our customers say that our trailers look "homey, not utility."
Q: Can I get a color other than white?
A: Yes, we have 12 other colors available, and you can use them inside or outside to fully customize your trailer.
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