Setting Up a Mobile Grooming Salon

If you want to attract new customers, why not bring your business right to them? With the help of Bob Zander Grooming Trailers, you'll be able to offer your customers the easiest pet grooming option. Also, you'll be able to provide early morning and late night appointments that traditional salons can't handle.

Starting a Mobile Business Is Your Best Option

There are many ways you can choose to groom. A home-based shop may sound like a good idea, but for many it's not desirable, practical, or even legal. Many communities won't allow a home business that has customers coming and going day in and day out, and you never know what a strange dog might try to do in your home.

Working in someone else's shop is, well, just a job with no control over your career or income. Renting a shop is costly in many ways. First, the cost of rent is high. Then add phone, electric, and business insurance, and your monthly outlay is considerable. All you have to show for all the work of converting the store into a customer-friendly environment is a stack of rent and utility receipts. Plus, every year your rent will go up! Don't forget – you will need to keep regular hours five or six days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. – whether or not you have any customers. Who needs that?
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Now consider a mobile shop. All of your customers are booked by appointment only, and you have total control. Want a three-day weekend? You can just book around it. There will be no waiting for after-hours pickups. You own the shop. There's no rent or electric bills, and your cell phone is your appointment line whether you're in the shop or not.
Another benefit is that mobile groomers can charge much more than in-shop groomers. In some areas, it costs twice as much, and customers are happy to pay extra for the convenience. It's less stressful on the dog too. Some animals experience separation anxiety if they're left alone at a pet salon.

Why a Trailer Instead of a Van Conversion?

There are many reasons why you should consider a grooming trailer, and the first reason is its affordable price. A van conversion can cost $60,000, $80,000, or even $100,000. Let's face it – you're in this business to make money. Not only is the initial expense prohibitive, but you need to add a commercial vehicle to your insurance policy or buy a special commercial policy. If your van ever needs to be in the shop, you're out of business until you get it back. You may start losing customers too.
Our mobile grooming salons are lightweight. They can be pulled with virtually any six- or eight-cylinder pickup truck or SUV. Many cars and even some four-cylinder vehicles can handle our trailers too. If your tow vehicle ever breaks down, you're still in business.
Most trailers are covered for liability as an extension of your tow vehicle. Please check with your insurance company for specific details as laws vary by state. You will only need collision and comprehensive coverage on a trailer.
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Why Choose Our Mobile Grooming Salons?

Our trailers were designed for ease of use and simple maintenance. Very careful thought and consideration has been put into every detail of this mobile grooming salon. We haven't added expensive items you might not want or need, keeping the cost down and the value high.
Bob Zander Grooming Trailers offers 6' x 8', 6' x 10', and 6' x 12' single axle trailers (tandem axles are available). This unit is easily maneuvered and lightweight – this 6' x 10' is less than 2,500 pounds dry, it's size gives you plenty of room to move about without being so big that it's hard to handle. This lightweight rig uses only two tires for the lowest possible maintenance costs. Smaller and larger sized units are also available.
Our trailers are available in fully turnkey models. Everything you need is included – from our hydraulic lift grooming table and high velocity dryer to windows and lighting. All you have to add are towels, pet care products, and your grooming tools, and you are open for business. Please check out our FAQs page and see our complete list of standard equipment to help you envision this well-appointed shop earning a handsome living for you.

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